Aastha Samuha

UWEC Social Work Program Mission Statement

Astha Samuha's Mission

Enhance human health, well-being, and productivity through the promotion of human rights, social & economic justice, and religious & spiritual tolerance to achieve healthy, and productive people with equitable resources in diverse settings. The School aims to advance and strengthen interdisciplinary and collaborative knowledge through teaching, research, service and evidence-based practice, to prepare undergraduate and graduate students, with the use of evidence based practice, for culturally competent professional and ethical Generalist and Advanced Generalist social work practice and leadership.

Astha Samuha's Vision

Through its curriculum and program activities and consistent with the historic mission of professional social work, the Department of Social Work has as its mission:

Objectives and Goals

  1. To prepare entry level generalist social workers for practice in a multicultural societywithin the context of professional values and ethics in public and private social service agencies, especially in those services which meet the needs of diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
  2. Improve NGOs accessibility and presence at all levels of the United Nations
  3. . Engage NGOs to work together on issues of common interest
  4. Education / Capacity Development

Message from the President

Keshav Pun Magar


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